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Green Vista Sludge Defense

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  • Removes up to 2 inches of sludge each month, when used regularly.
  • Safely works to break down organic material.
  • Can be used as a spot treatment along the shoreline.
  • Has a 5-year shelf life!
  • For best results use in water above 50° F (10° Celsius).
  • Available Sizes: 4 lbs, 8 lbs.

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Green Vista's Sludge Defense is the perfect way to reduce the amount of sludge in your pond or lake. This treatment is a specialized blend of beneficial bacteria, which work to begin dissolving sludge immediately upon application. This bacteria digests the organic material which makes up sludge, and converts it to a harmless, odorless gas, which escapes after this process.

Able to remove up to 2 inches of sludge per month without harming the environment, this treatment is both safe and effective. 

Available sizes: 

  • 4 lbs - Treats up to 8,000 ft²
  • 8 lbs - Treats up to 16,000 ft²

Usage Instructions

Distribute 1 scoop evenly for every 1,000 square feet of surface area. Dose your pond every 2-4 weeks, depending on the severity of your buildup. Continue to do so until you've achieved the desired results. For best results, use Sludge Defense in conjunction with an aeration system, added aeration gives the beneficial bacteria a major performance boost. Use only when temperatures are above 50° F (10° Celsius). If using with algaecide or herbicide, we recommend waiting 3 days before applying Sludge Defense.