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Hailea Linear Air Compressor Pump

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  • Available Models: SSH30 and SSH60.
  • Features a maximum flow rate of 30 LPM / 1.06 CFM and 60 LPM / 2.12 CFM respectively.
  • Oil-free design prevents contamination.
  • Perfect for use in ponds, aquariums, as well as other similar features!

$99.00 - $129.00
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Hailea's Linear Air Compressor Pumps are available in two models: SSH30 and SSH60. These Air Pumps feature a maximum flow rate of 30 LPH and 60 LPH respectively. Features an oil-free design, preventing any contamination.  Perfect for use in ponds, aquariums, as well as other similar installations! 

Aeration is absolutely essential to keep your pond healthy. The increase in oxygen helps to improve the water quality and clarity, as well as providing the optimal conditions for fish, aquatic plants, beneficial bacteria and other pond life to thrive!

ModelMaximum Flow (LPM)Maximum Flow (CFM)Connector SizeNoise LevelWattageVoltageDimensions (LxWxH)
ACO-9810 / SSH30 30 LPM 1.06 CFM 0.51" <40 dB 25 watts 110-120V 9.25" x 7.36" x 7.64"
ACO-9820 / SSH60 60 LPM 2.12 CFM 0.71" <40 dB 35 watts 110-120V 11.1" x 8.4" x 10.3"