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Hakko Air Splitter - Manifold for Aquarium or Pond

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  • Manifold is available as either a 6-way or 12-way air splitter.
  • Great for aquarium or pond aeration.
  • Features 3/16" valved taps to control the air flow out of each outlet.
  • Manifold end accepts 3/4" ID tubing for connection to your air pump.
  • Sturdy stainless steel construction.

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The Matala/Hakko Air Splitter Manifold with adjustable valves is ideal for sending air to several locations in your pond, water garden or aquarium.  Another function of the air manifold is to lessen potential back pressure on the diaphragm of an air pump or compressor. 

This stainless steel manifold features multiple 3/16" air outlets with adjustable valves.

Connect your air pump's outlet to this manifold by using 3/4" ID tubing. 

Ideal for use with 3/16" air hose, or 1/4" air hose with clamps. 

(Pump, hose and air stones/diffusers are not included.) 

 Available Sizes:

6-Way Outlet - Manifold with (6) 3/16" valved taps; manifold is 3.5" long.

12-Way Outlet - Manifold with (12) 3/16" valved taps; manifold is 6" long.


Note: In addition to being used as a splitter, this manifold can be submersed and used as a highly clog-resistant air diffuser.

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