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Hakko HK-D Replacement Diaphragm

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  • Matala and Hakko replacement diaphragm kit
  • Diaphragm replacement will increase performance and longevity of the air pump
  • Easy to install!

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Hakko and Matala air pumps are the standard for most koi pond and water garden aeration needs. However, like any other machine with constantly moving parts there is a possibility for things to wear out over time. Much like a pond pump impeller, an occasional diaphragm replacement will increase the air pumps life expectancy and overall performance. For a detailed step by step guide for replacement from the Hakko please click here.


Tools needed:
- 1 small phillips screwdriver
- 1 medium phillips screwdriver
- 1 medium pair of pliers

Available Models:

HK-D25 - 25L Air Pump

HK-D40 - 40L Air Pump

HK-D60 / HK-D80 - 60L & 80L Air Pumps

HK-D100 / HK-D120 - 100L & 120L Air Pumps

Please Note:

If your air pump is suffering from frequent diaphragm blow outs you are most likely suffering from excess back pressure

Ensure air delivery tube is large enough enough in diameter and no kinking is occurring

Ensure air diffusers are not clogged. Ceramic stone style aeration diffusers require a muriatic acid cleaning every 3 months

Check that the size and number of air diffusers is sufficient to handle Hakko / Matala air output. Not having enough outlets or diffusers

  • 5
    Always have a set on the shelf

    Posted by Gail Brown on Sep 14th 2019

    This is my second set of replacement diaphragms for my Matala pump. Last set lasted 2 years running 24/7. They are supposed to be replaced every year. Couldn't be happier. I always buy the from Pond and Garden Depot. Love their courteous customer service and willingness to try and price match. Super good product and a great retailer who answers the phone when you call. Even better you can order on the phone. That's almost unheard of now and days.

  • 4
    Easy to install

    Posted by TAG on Jan 31st 2018

    Product works as advertised. Pumps lots of air. Unfortunately it has to be replaced about every 1 1/2 seasons. So it is kind of spendy. In the end the health of the pond benefits greatly from being aerated. If it lasted longer I would give it 4 or 5 stars

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