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Kasco VFX Fountain Aerator

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  • Floating fountain aerator for ponds up to 3/4 acre in as little as 19 inches of water.
  • Can be used for aeration or purely as ornamental fountains.
  • Fountain spray pattern is the classic Kasco "V" that can spray up to 8 ft. tall and 26 ft. wide.
  • All fountains include a float, mooring rope, 100 ft. power cord, C-25 control box with timer, GFCI protection and light sensor to control lights (lights not included).
  • 2-year warranty.


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Beauty and performance are the two defining features of the Kasco VFX floating fountain aerators. They are capable of fully aerating ponds up to 3/4 surface acre and operating in as little as 19 inches of water. These fountains may be ornamental, but they mean business and are built to last!

Each Kasco VFX floating fountain aerator is a self-contained unit that propels water into the air in a "V" shaped pattern. The high level at which the water is cycled and the amount of air time provides excellent oxygen transfer rates. The aerating fountain design is durable and resists corrosion as well as clogging.

This powerful yet beautiful, energy efficient pond aeration system is exactly what "the doctor ordered" to promote a healthy pond ecosystem, and to give your pond aesthetic brilliance!



115 Volt ModelsSize (HP)Recommended Pond SizeAmpsMin. Water DepthSpray H x W
2400 VFX - 100 ft. Cord 1/2 1/3 acre 5 15" 5' x 15'
2400VFX - 200 ft. Cord 1/2 1/3 acre 5 15" 5' x 15'
3400VFX 3/4 1/2 acre 7.3 17.5" 5.5' x 21 '
4400VFX 1 3/4 acre 11.3 19" 8' x 26'