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LifeGard Aquatics Pro-MAX 55 Watt High-Output UV Sterilizer

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  • High-quality, 55 watt UV sterilizer, designed for use in ponds and larger aquariums.
  • Includes UL listed ballast that counts down the number of days until the bulb must be replaced.
  • Features a simplified design, with outlet ports that have a less restrictive angled inlet and outlet ports.
  • Has an impressive maximum operating pressure of 30 PSI.
  • Dimensions: 27" L x 4.5" W x 9" H.


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Ultraviolet lights are a safe and effective method of quickly controlling green water algae and bacteria in your pond or large aquarium. The Lifegard Aquatics Pro-MAX UV sterilizer is compatible with both fresh and salt water, and additionally equipped with a white internal reflective sleeve, which increases the efficacy of the UV filtration.

Features a unique flow-through design with less restrictive angled inlet and outlets, requiring less plumbing. The included UL listed ballast also has a display which counts down the number of days until changing the bulb is required.

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