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Aquascape 84009 LED Fountain Accent Light w/ Transformer

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  • Fountain light ring; can be installed directly into tubing for a seamless installation!
  • Perfect for vase bubblers or drilled basalt column water features
  • Water passes directly through the center of the unit allowing the white LED lights to illuminate the stream of water
  • Features quick connect fittings
  • Fits 1/2” - 3/4” I.D. hose


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The Aquascape LED Fountain Accent Light allows you to add a beautiful ring of light at the top of a wide variety of decorative fountains, completely transforming the way your fountain looks at night. This accent light retrofits almost all Aquascape fountains. 

The fixture features a powerful 2.5-watt LED diode with light output equivalent to a 20 watt halogen light. The LED Fountain Accent Light is easily installed into a fountain using its barbed hose tail and quick-connect fitting, allowing water to pass through the center of the light. 

This energy-efficient, compact light has a durable design, providing years of trouble-free enjoyment, and its 3000 Kelvin temperature will provide natural-looking white light. The Aquascape LED Fountain Accent Light is completely sealed to prevent water damage, and comes with a 6-watt low voltage transformer.  This light has a 5 year full replacement warranty.


6 watt transformer w/ 14.5 ft. cord included 

.5”-.75” barbed fitting
5 year warranty
Aquascape item # 84009

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