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Matala Filter Media Mat

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  • Simply one of the best pond filter media options on the market today!
  • A choice of densities for multi-step filtration
  • The open and aerobic construction allows for water to flow through easily, but can trap the toughest of debris, providing an unprecedented ease of cleaning
  • Crush resistant and flexible, can easily be trimmed down to fit in biofilters and in a wide variety of filter applications
  • With such an incredible surface area, Matala filter media allows for colonization of beneficial bacteria to keep your pond ecosystem strong!
  • Each size Matala filter mat measures approximately 1.5 inches thick.

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Matala filter media is one of the widest used and critically acclaimed filter media on the market. Featured in leading pond, koi, and fish care magazines, it is very popular for good reason! 

Matala sheets provide mechanical and biological filtration by trapping debris as water easily flows through the sheets. Bacteria colonize along the debris and filter surface area, keeping your pond water clean and clear of algae.

The Matala filter construction is firm, stable, and semi rigid while not being brittle. It even boasts a high level of crush resistance. Matala filter media can also be trimmed very easily, providing great versatility. Each size of Matala sheet measures approximately 1.5 inches thick. 


Due to the large dimensions of the 39"x48" size mat, it must be folded in half to ship by USPS, UPS or FedEx. This will not affect the function of your filter mat. Since black Matala cannot be folded due to its rigid nature, black mats are only available in sizes up to 39"x 42". Thank you for your understanding!

Matala ColorDensityBiological surface area for microbial growthFlow-through space
Black Coarse 62 square feet per cubic foot 92%
Green Medium 96 square feet per cubic foot 93%
Blue High 124 square feet per cubic foot 94%
Gray Super High 171 square feet per cubic foot 94%
  • 5
    Great course media that will last forever

    Posted by Randy on Jul 18th 2022

    Ordered this stuff because I was tired of having to replace the media in my 55 gallon drum filter when it would clog or break down.When this first came I couldnt believe how rigid it was. I was able to use a small hand saw to cut the pads to fit the barrel and still have plenty left to use for other stuff. So far so good. Pricey when compared to others but definitely durable enough to last way longer.

  • 4
    Makes a great Pond Filter

    Posted by Scott Duncan on Jun 20th 2022

    This product is easy to cut to fit and it has greatly improved the clarity of my koi pond.

  • 4
    Great layers of filters but not easy to clean

    Posted by Deggie on May 26th 2022

    The fine filters get very heavy when cleaning is needed and then require a lot of water to clean. However they do a great job keeping the water clean.

  • 5
    Matala filter material

    Posted by Vicki on Apr 21st 2022

    The best filter material on the market. Never use anything else. Cleans up good lasts a long time.

  • 5
    Awesome Filter Pad

    Posted by Tj on Oct 15th 2021

    Ok if you own an AOI aquarium get the gray size. Your filter socks will last a few weeks with this media and works sweet as a fish, fry, shrimp guard.

  • 5
    Good matala filter mat

    Posted by Dong on Oct 7th 2021

    I like this filter mat, good material, fast delivery. I recommend it.

  • 5
    Pretty Decent size, very durable.

    Posted by Fred on Jun 9th 2021

    Perfect for pond filter.

  • 5
    Great product

    Posted by Matthew O'Brien on May 21st 2020

    I ordered these filter for my goldfish pond and after 24 hours I could see a big difference in the water. Would definitely recommend these filters!

  • 5
    Matala is great stuff

    Posted by Trevor Montgomery on Nov 14th 2019

    I am using matala for my terrarium build as a replacement drainage layer for clay balls and stone. It dosent compress, and is way lighter. Super happy with my purchase.

  • 5
    Matala pond filter

    Posted by Luyar vang on May 25th 2019

    Good shipping, good price, love these filters pads. Recommended to all pond owners.

  • 5
    Five Stars

    Posted by Khoa Dinh on Apr 16th 2016

    Looks like heavy duty materials and will last for long time. Totally worth the money.

  • 5
    Works great. The filters (stacked vertically) removed almost all the ...

    Posted by Daffy on Nov 3rd 2015

    Works great. The filters (stacked vertically) removed almost all the minute floating particles in a 17,000gal pond within two weeks (with a 5000gph pump).