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Mini Aquatic Garden w/ Dragonfly, Baby Duck & Purple Silk Lily Decor

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  • Carefree pond in a pot!
  • Includes waterproof, round, plastic tub, dragonfly pot hanger, plastic baby duckling and purple silk lily
  • Bucket is 14 inches in diameter, 6 inches deep and 10 inches at its tallest part, not including its movable handle; 3 sturdy feet keep the bucket level
  • Dragonfly pot hanger is 2.25 inches long
  • Floating baby duckling decoration is 5 inches long
  • Floating lily is about 8 inches long; made of silk and a low density polymer

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Green Vista's Mini Aquatic Garden with Dragonfly, Baby Duckling and Purple Silk Lily Decor provides the delights of a pond but in an easily manageable container! In its 14 inch diameter pot, this water garden is the perfect size to decorate your home, porch, patio or garden.

This unique mini tub pond will be enjoyed by adults and children on your gift list.

The water garden's pot can serve as a witches' black cauldron for Halloween. Use it to hold Trick or Treat candy or a fogger / mist maker. On or out of water, the dragonfly, baby duckling and purple silk lily brighten any location.