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Green Vista Standard 3/4" Pond Netting - 28' x 28'

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  • Provides effective animal control, keeping koi and goldfish safe from predators.
  • Keeps out debris easily, the 3/4" mesh size is perfect for catching falling leaves in the fall!
  • Also useful for protecting fruit trees, bushes, and other garden plants!
  • UV resistant polyethylene netting. Provides a sturdy netting that can be used for several seasons!

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The Standard Duty 3/4" Pond Netting by Green Vista is a great economy choice in netting! Featuring a colossal size of 28" x 28", you won't find better value. The netting is 3/4", perfect for animal control and keeping debris out of your pond!. This netting is also multi use and can be used to protect your garden from foraging animals and birds!

Made from a strong polyethylene, this netting will not tangle and can be trimmed down to size without unraveling. The Green Vista Standard Duty 3/4" net is also UV resistant allowing for years of use without damage or deterioration from the sun.



28' x 28'
3/4" mesh

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