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Nualgi Pond Water Treatment

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  • Effective all natural treatment for both string algae and green water algae.
  • Ideal, safe pond treatment, especially in warm water as an alternative to applying strong chemical algaecides.
  • Improves biofiltration, water clarity, fish health, and even aquatic plant growth!
  • Balances the nitrogen cycle within your pond, reducing pond odors and overall maintenance.
  • A little goes a long way - 1 ml. per 1,000 gallons of water weekly.
  • Allow up to 4-8 weeks for complete results!

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Attenion!Please Note:

Nualgi is a 100% NATURAL algae control product and therefore takes more time to be effective than harsh chemical algae treatments. Please Allow a MINIMUM of 4 weeks for results and 8 weeks of treatments for Nualgi to have full effect! In addition, no product can by itself solve an algae problem if the pond is overstocked with fish & has inadequate filtration!

Nualgi Ponds is a natural alternative to algaecides & other toxic water treatments used to control & remove pond algae. This innovative approach to natural pond care and algae control works by restoring balance to your pond's nitrogen cycle and supercharging your pond's biofilter from the ground up!

BENEFITS: Increases oxygen levels & improves water quality & clarity to reduce & control pond algae and foul odors, Nualgi promotes greater fish and plant health, while keeping the water crystal clear. Enjoy your new habitat and show off your pond as your fish become more active and your plants gain more color.

What is NUALGI? Based on over 15 years of research, Nualgi is the fourth generation of a patented nano-silica-based micro-nutrient supplement for all types of ponds, lakes & water gardens. Based on 9 years of lab research and 8 years of field research for applications in commercial and municipal water management. The Nualgi formulation specifically helps pond owners improve water quality and manage algae on a much smaller scale.

How does it work? Within 3–5 hours of applying Nualgi, a bloom of diatom algae (the good kind!) will develop. The diatom algae bloom out-competes nuisance algae for CO2, N, P and other nutrients, causing the bad algae to die off. It then locks away some of the harmful nutrients in the new biomass that is consumed as live food by fish and zooplankton. By kick-starting this natural process, the diatom algae outcompete the nuisance algae for nutrients, thus starving and eventually eliminating the vast majority of the bad algae from your pond, creating pristine, clear water!

Attenion!Please Note:

Adding extra will actually reduce the effectiveness. It is better to do half a dose than to overdose!

Gallons in PondMax Amount
100 0.1 ml.
500 0.5 ml.
1,000 1 ml.
5,000 5 ml.
10,000 10 ml.

Available in Sizes:

  • 60 ml. - treats up to 60,000 gallons
  • 125 ml. - treats up to 125,000 gallons
  • 250 ml. - treats up to 250,000 gallons
  • 500 ml. - treats up to 500,000 gallons


You should see less algae buildup on the pond surface and in the filter. Eventually you’ll be able to reduce the amount you feed the fish. If you have floating plants, you should see them thrive and become more colorful. In all ponds water should look clearer with fish more active & vibrant.

Patience is important with Nualgi. Some ponds clear in a few days, while others can take over 4 weeks. If it has been over a month of dosing and you have not achieved results, please contact Nualgi directly to help troubleshoot.

In severely eutrophic ponds, results will be visible by the first afternoon – bubbling up of oxygen, foul odor stops, blue-green algae may crash and float up, etc. Water may appear brown or turn green, but that is part of the biological process.

Shake the bottle vigorously and measure out the proper dose. Better to under dose than to add more than the recommended amount.

Physically remove dead leaves, debris and any algae that you can scoop out before starting the Nualgi dose.

Nualgi Ponds should be dosed every 7 days, preferably in the morning to maximize effectiveness.

You can use Nualgi Ponds throughout the winter and spring by following dosing on the label. Use reduced dose frequency as the water temperature changes. Below is a guide on how often to apply Nualgi Ponds into your water system.

  • 40°-49° – Dose once a month
  • 50°-59° – Dose once every two weeks
  • 60°+ – Dose once a week with normal instructions
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    String algae free

    Posted by Ted on May 3rd 2021

    Have used this for several years. One jar goes a long way. If added regularly it will keep string algae under control. Didn’t eliminate it but kept it to a minor nuisance.

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