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Ocean Mist G1 LED Light Rings (Various Sizes & Colors)

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  • Universal LED Light Rings with open centers, used to illuminate fountains or garden decor.
  • Can be used in or out of water.
  • Ring design allows placement around a fountain nozzle, creating a bright, dazzling water display!
  • Includes 12v low voltage transformer with 33 ft. cord.
  • Easy to use and creates an Awesome Effect at night!
  • These are the 1st Generation light rings - the G2 models with flat LEDs can be found

    at this link.

$39.95 - $149.50

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Attenion!Please Note:

These are the 1st Generation light rings (w/mini LED bulbs) - the 2nd Generation with flat LEDs can be found here.

These LED light rings offer a very unique light pattern that is ideal for fountains or to highlight garden decor. The circular pattern of the individual LED bulbs allows for incredible accent lighting when placed at the base of fountains.

The light rings are available in multiple sizes and colors. The size of the ring increases with the number of LEDs (light emitting diodes).

The color changing models automatically shift between colors, ranging from red, white, and blue to red, green, and blue, as well as the various shades in-between. 

Each LED light ring is capable of submerged and dry land operation. The transformer is UL rated and has safe low voltage. Each light ring has a 1-year warranty.

ModelOuter DiameterCenter OpeningColorsChange ModeWattage
12 LED 1.25" Diameter 0.5" center opening White; Blue; Red/Blue/Green Auto Changing 1.5 Watt
24 LED 2.625" Diameter 1.625" center opening White; Blue; Red/Blue/Green Auto Changing 2 Watt
48 LED 3" Diameter 1.25" center opening Red/White/Blue Auto Changing 3 Watt
120 LED 8.5" Diameter 1.375" center opening Red/White/Blue Auto Changing 9 Watt
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    Excellent Product!

    Posted by Peter Lee on Dec 19th 2019

    Very bright light I use to illuminate a 4 foot fountain. I found that the long cord made for an easy installation. Price was best at Pond and Garden Depot.

  • 4
    Easy to use in a pond with rocks

    Posted by Len S. on Aug 13th 2017

    Purchased for a small waterfall fountain/pond application. The pros are that they are easy to hide behind some small rocks in the pond. Also the long wire allows the xfmr to be far out of sight. In my application, I have 12v AC all around the yard so finding a power source is not difficult. Cons: The lead wire is such a small diameter that it is almost impossible to find a suitable wire stripper. the very small diameter also means that conventional wire nuts cannot be used for hookup. I had to apply solder to make the wire usable. Also, this site does not provide the power output, so comparison of brightness with other suppliers is not possible. Net; we are very pleased, but the above notes lowered a 5 star to a 4 star.