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Ocean Mist Professional LED Ring Light for Large Fountains

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  • Features 12 Very Bright 1w LEDs in either multi-color RBG or White.
  • Light output is similar to a 120 watt Halogen Light.
  • An excellent choice for lighting ponds, large fountains or garden displays!
  • Includes 120V outdoor transformer with a 33 foot cord.
  • This ring light can be used in or out of water.
  • Dimensions: 7" Outside Diameter x 2" Inside Diameter x 3" Height (Thickness).

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These high quality ring lights are perfect for bright illumination of large water features. They can be used either under water or in the garden or landscape. These ring lights can fit around a fountain nozzle, creating a bright, dazzling display! They are designed with a center positioning bracket and 3 screws to attach to a fountain head or spray nozzle or water pipe. A Heavy duty design built to last!

Measures 7" outside diameter with a 2" center hole to go over a fountain nozzle. 

Color options: Choose either Multi-Color (Red/Blue/Green) or White.

The Color Changing RGB model shifts between red, green, blue, and various shades in-between, without the need for a remote control - just plug it in, and it will automatically begin to cycle between the colors!

An excellent choice for lighting ponds, large fountains, water gardens or landscape displays.

Can also be used as an accent light for a large waterfall (3 ft. or wider) or in the garden!

These LED fountain ring lights both include a 12 watt/120v transformer with a 33 foot cord, and have a 1 year warranty.


ModelColor# of LEDsCord LengthTransformerWarranty
LR-180-12W-RBG Multi-Colored RBG 12 x 1w LEDs 33' 12 Watts / 120v 1-year
LR-180-12W White White 12 x 1w LEDs 33' 12 Watts / 120v 1-year