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Nycon Algae Removal Kit

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  • Remove string algae and blanketweed mats without using strong chemicals or algaecides!
  • Telescoping pole extends from 24" to 40"
  • Includes 3 different head attachments to easily remove string algae mats, algae strands, and other floating debris

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The Nycon Algae Removal Tool Kit is an all-in-one tool for string algae removal. This chemical free alternative to applying algaecides is a great way to remove string filamentous algae from your water garden or koi pond without having to get in the pond yourself! The telescoping pole extends from 24" to 40" and comes with several attachments to easily treat any sort of algae situation.

The algae twister attachment is great for removal of difficult to remove string algae and blanketweed mats. The algae brush is great for removing string algae build up along rocks and other decor, and the fine mesh net is great for removing any small free floating debris that remains!

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