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pH Test Kit

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  • Accurately reads freshwater pH levels 5.0 to 9.0
  • Monitor koi and goldfish pond water for safe, healthy pH levels
  • 160 Test Kit includes liquid testing solution, color chart, test tube w/cap
  • Helps detect pH fluctuations from fish waste, uneaten food, and when adding tap water
  • Use for weekly monitoring or when fish problems occur

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API item #011607 - The API PondCare Wide Range pH 160 Test Kit helps avoid major fish issues by accurately detecting minor pH changes in your koi or goldfish pond. Fluctuating pH levels are caused by excessive fish waste, rainwater runoff, organic waste, mineral content when adding tap water, or a drop in oxygen levels.

Made in USA!

Kit Includes

  • Dropper bottle for accurate dispensing of test solution.
  • Easy to read instructions and color chart.
  • Non-staining glass tube with snap-tight cap.

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