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Get quality water garden and pond supplies at great prices from our generous selection of pond accessories

Browse our options for practical pond tools & equipment,   dyes, water treatments, waterfall spray foam, fittings and more!

Pond accessories include water treatments, pond cleaning supplies, pond pruners, underwater glue, waterfall foam, hose fittings, pond aerators and more.

We offer all the above as well as a power control center which provides electricity to your pond, if needed.

Our water treatment products include: chlorine and ammonia removers, carbon, potassium permanganate, water dye, and dirt flocculants (to clump suspended dirt together).

We carry supplies for pond cleaning such as pond vacuums. These vacuums are great for cleaning ponds and we use them on display ponds at our retail store.

Pond pruners are an absolute must-have especially if your pond is large and you have many lilies. You will use these pruners on a daily basis during the summer. We love them!