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Aquascape Fabric Plant Pots

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  • Fabric plant pots for aquatic plants.
  • Prevents soil mix from entering pond water, but allows water in for the plants; fabric is water permeable.
  • Made from a finely porous flexible material, ideal for submerged and shallow water aquatic plants.
  • Can be easily molded to fit into tight, irregular spaces within the pond.
  • 3 Sizes.

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Aquascape's Fabric Plant Pots provide a versatile option to help make your water garden beautiful and full of aquatic plant life. These pots allow for easy planting and are flexible enough for tight, irregular spaces normally not possible with more rigid traditional pots. Made from a fine porous material that allows water in but contains the soil and prevents it from entering the pond.

Available in Sizes:

 6" Diameter #98501 - 2 Pack

 8" Diameter #98502 - 2 Pack

12" Diameter #98500 - 2 Pack


Planting aggressive growers such as Water Lotus in fabric pots is not recommended.

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