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Green Vista Bio-Chunks for Pond & Water Garden Filtration

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  • Economical, durable, and easily trimmed to desired size with scissors.
  • Bio-Chunks have high surface area and are compatible with virtually any brand, size or shape of filter!
  • 1 to 11 inch wide / long bio-chunks are various sizes, shapes, colors and densities
  • Lighter weight than most other options (about 2 lbs per cubic foot)
  • Provide increased surface area for beneficial bacteria growth
  • Best value in Matala media!


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Green Vista Bio-Chunks are ultra-high surface area filter media for ponds, water gardens and aquariums. Various sizes and densities, these cubes are cut from fish-safe aquatic Matala filter media, one of the leading brands of pond filter media. Save the time and effort of cutting filter mat to the specific size of your waterfall tank or biofilter by using these chunks!

Bio-Chunks will range in size and shape that are cut anywhere between 1 - 11 inch pieces.

Much lighter weight (about 2 lbs per cubic foot) than lava rock (over 50 lbs per cubic foot), these bio-cubes are also much more effective! They are easy to clean; just rinse them with water from a garden hose.

These filter cubes are a great upgrade for any brand of waterfall or biofilter tank, including Aquascape, Atlantic, EasyPro and Savio. Resistant to clogging, they provide years of effective, worry-free filtration with less maintenance as compared to lava rock (which are much heavier and more difficult to clean).

Each cubic foot of cubes covers about 525 square feet of surface area, much more than lava rock, bio-balls or ribbon materials. These bio-cubes allow your pond filter to maintain greater levels of beneficial bacteria for clearer water and a better ability to handle a larger fish load as your pond matures.


Please Note: Each cubic foot of  Bio-Chunks will include 2-4 of the offered densities/colors of Matala.

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