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Ultralight Pond Bio Filter Media - White Bio-Cubes

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  • 1 cubic ft. of white biofilter media cubes that are 1 to 3 inches wide and long
  • Economical, easy to use and lighter than most other types of media
  • Adapts to virtually any size, shape or brand of filter!
  • High surface area for optimal beneficial bacteria colonization
  • Easy to clean; simply rinse with water
  • Free mesh bag ($6.99 value) included for easy handling of cubes (Bag color may vary)

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The white bio-cubes are ultra-high surface area filter media, perfect for pond bio-filters. They are cut from fish-safe, coarse, white, aquatic filter media.


Much lighter weight (about 1 lb. per cu. ft.) than lava rock (over 50 lbs. per cu. ft.). The bio-cubes are much more effective, and much easier to clean!


The filter cubes are a great upgrade for any brand of waterfall or biofilter tank, including Aquascape, Atlantic, EasyPro and Savio. They provide years of effective mechanical and biological filtration.


Each cu. ft. of bio-cubes cover about 525 sq. ft. of surface area, much more than lava rock, bio-balls or ribbon material. The bio-cubes allow your pond filter to maintain greater levels of beneficial bacteria for clearer water and gives your pond a better ability to handle a larger fish load.


A free mesh bag ($6.99 value) is included to hold the bio-cubes.


Please Note: Bag color may vary. Bio-cubes ship compressed to reduce costs.

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