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Replacement Reticulated Foam Filter for Bio-Mech Pre-filter | 2-Pack

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  • Replacement filter foam media that removes fine particulates from water and protects pump intakes from clogging.
  • Very easy to clean and lasts longer than most other filter foam types.
  • Designed for use with the Bio-Mech Pre-filters, but can be easily trimmed to fit almost any application.
  • Quality 2" thick foam, available in a variety of sizes.
  • Provides biological and mechanical filtration.
  • Perfect as prefilter material for pumps, submerged and external filter systems.

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Premium Black Reticulated Filter Foam is a dense filter media, designed for use with the Bio-mech Submersible Pre-filter, but is also useful as a universal filter media. Ideal for filtering out even the smallest particles to keep your pump protected and your pond clean.

This filter media can also be easily trimmed to fit almost all applications. Measuring 2" thick, this media is ideal for replacing a pump's internal prefilter, especially pumps sensitive to clogging from debris. 

The Bio-Mech Submersible Pre-filter can be found: Here.



Available Models
5" Diameter(Round) - for Bio-Mech 200
10" Diameter(Round) - for Bio-Mech 800
6" x 12" x 2" - for Bio-Mech 900
12" x 12" x 2" - for Bio-Mech 1200

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