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Matala Filter Media Round

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  • The ideal drop-in media for vortex and barrel type pond biofilters
  • Highly aerobic 3-dimensional structure
  • Filters solid materials and promotes colonization of beneficial bacteria to keep ponds clean and improve water conditions on a microbial level
  • Crush resistant and durable
  • Easily cleaned with a garden hose
  • Each Matala filter mat measures approximately 6 inches thick

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Matala filter media is one of the most widely used materials for filtering koi ponds and water gardens, and for good reason. Providing 62 to 171 sq. ft. of surface area for microbial growth per cu. ft. (depending upon media density selected). The benefits for biological colonization are unparalleled!

The highly aerobic media structure allows water to easily pass through, and with the density options, you can easily stagger one of each type/color, providing a multi-step and thorough filtration system.

Matala Round Filter Media provides all the benefits known from the traditional filter mats but now in a coiled round shape. Given the shape, this is the perfect material for vortex and barrel style biofilters! Each roll has a thickness of 6 inches, providing exceptional filtration to trap dirt and other debris.
As with all Matala media, the round rolls are easily cleaned with a garden hose.

Matala ColorBiological surface area for microbial growthFlow-through Space
Black 62 square feet per cubic foot 92%
Green 96 square feet per cubic foot 93%
Blue 124 square feet per cubic foot 94%
Gray 171 square feet per cubic foot 94%
ColorDensityAvailable Sizes
Black Coarse density 22", 24" and 37" diameter rolls.
Green Medium density 22", 24" and 37" diameter rolls
Blue High density 22", 24" and 37" diameter rolls
Gray Super high 22", 24" and 37" diameter rolls

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