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Bio-Wheels Filter Media - 1" size

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  • Excellent filtration media for bacteria colonization; each bio-wheel is approximately 1" in diameter.
  • Extremely dense surface area for microbial adhesion.
  • Perfect for use in ponds, water gardens, and especially aquariums.
  • 6,000 bio-wheels equal 1 cubic foot.
  • Compare to bioballs: over 4X the surface area of bioballs per cubic foot. More media surface area for much less $$!
  • PLEASE NOTE: Bio-wheels shipments are based on volume. Counts are estimates that may vary up to 5 percent.

$29.00 - $219.00

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Bio-wheels are suited perfectly to provide biological filtration in koi ponds, water gardens and freshwater or saltwater aquariums. These bio-wheels allow good nitrifying bacteria to grow and colonize on them thereby breaking down harmful ammonia and nitrites in water. This provides filtration, which greatly increases the overall water quality.  Better quality water = healthier fish and other aquatic life. 

An Ideal media for Fluid Bead filters and many other applications that requires a floating, clog resistant media. Unlike many other types of filter media, bio-wheels are low-maintenance and self-cleaning, keeping your pond or water feature healthy with the least amount of effort! Bio-wheels are exceptionally durable, and will last many years in even the harshest environments.  

Basically, any filter that accepts bioballs can also accept bio-wheels.  In addition, bio-wheels provide more surface area for good bacteria than bioballs.

Bio-wheels have great surface area for their size; for every one cubic foot the surface area is 365 square feet.

Approximately 6,000 bio-wheels equal one cubic foot.

Available Quantities: 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, and 1, 2 or 3 Cubic Ft.

Helpful Hint: Put bio-wheels in a mesh bag for ease of handling when cleaning.

Comparison With Bioballs:
SizeSurface AreaCost Per 100 Sq. Ft. Surface Area
Bioballs - 1 Cubic Ft. 65 Sq. Ft. $67.50
Bio-Wheels - 1/4 Cubic Ft.  91.25 Sq. Ft. $31.78
Bio-Wheels - 1/2 Cubic Ft.  182.5 Sq Ft. $26.92
Bio-Wheels - 3/4 Cubic Ft.  273.75 Sq. Ft. $25.21 
Bio-Wheels - 1 Cubic Ft.  365 Sq. Ft. $24.38
Bio-Wheels - 2 Cubic Ft.  730 Sq. Ft. $21.70 
Bio-Wheels - 3 Cubic Ft.  1095 Sq. Ft. $20.00

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