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PVC Pond Liner 20 mil

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  • A light-weight and economical liner for constructing fish ponds and water features.
  • Extremely flexible and adaptable to sharp contours and edges where 45 mil EPDM may not be pliable enough.
  • Thickness: 20 mil
  • Easily trimmed to fit precise dimensions.
  • Fish and plant safe.
  • 5 year manufacturer warranty.

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PVC pond liner is a very common material used in water gardens, koi ponds, water features, fountains and other projects. This waterproof material is lighter weight and more economical than EPDM liners. PVC is often used by first time water gardeners due to its accessibility, ease of installation and durability. It is also commonly used in small water features and projects that require tight angles or precise contours.

PVC pond liner has a shiny, high gloss finish on one side and a slightly texture dull finish on the opposite side. The liner functions the same regardless of which side faces up.

This PVC liner is UV treated and features a 5 year manufacturer's warranty.

Please Note: PVC liner is constructed in panels so it is normal to see factory installed seams at 5-10 foot intervals.

Seams do not affect the integrity of the liner and are not noticeable once installed with water added.


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