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Anjon 97051Q Splice Wash & EPDM Liner Cleaner/Primer 32 oz.

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  • Splice Wash & EPDM Primer is a low VOC solvent.
  • Used to prepare, clean and prime EPDM sheets before applying peel and stick tapes.
  • Helps ensure a good quality seal when joining 2 liners together or repairing liner holes.
  • Contents: 1 Quart.
  • See instructions for use below!


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Custom Pro's Anjon Splice Wash & EPDM Primer is a low VOC solvent which is used to prepare, clean and prime EPDM liner before applying peel and stick seaming tapes.



Step 1: Layout the Liner
Layout the sections of liner to be seamed. Overlap ends 6" - 12"

Step 2: Clean the Seam Area
Lift the top liner. Use gasoline and thoroughly clean the seam area.

Step 3: Mark the Seam Area
With the top liner down, use a crayon or lightly score with scissors, the seam area on the bottom liner. Raise the top liner in the preparation for priming.

Step 4: Prime the Seam Area
Prime both liners. On the bottom liner, prime an area 1/4" above the mark, approximately 6" - 8" wide. Prime a matching area on the top liner.

Step 5: Apply 3" Double Stick
Apply 3" of double sided tape to the bottom liner, pressure rolling as you go to eliminate air bubbles or wrinkles.

Step 6: Smooth the Seam
With the double stick paper still on, replace the top liner and pressure roll the seam.

Step 7: Seal the Seam
Slit the double stick tape at the middle of the run of the seam. Overlap the liners and carefully remove the paper, pulling off the tape from between the liners at a 45 degree angle, one side at a time.

Step 8: Apply 6" Single Stick
Prime an area 6" wide spaced evenly over the exposed edge of the seam. Apply 6" tape over primer.

Step 9: Roll and Seal Forever
Thoroughly pressure roll the 6" tape and generously apply lap sealant along both edge of the 6" tape.

Step 10: Apply 6" Single Stick
Allow the seam to dry thoroughly before contact with water.

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