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Pond Logic Shoreline Defense Aquatic Herbicide

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  • Broad spectrum liquid herbicide kills emergent aquatic weeds and grasses down to the roots
  • Works on cattails, phragmites, purple loosestrife, lily pads, water hyacinth, water lettuce, and other aquatic weeds and brush
  • Treat only 1/4 of the pond at one time to prevent fish loss due to low oxygen levels
  • 8 oz. mixed with 2 gal. of pond water in a pressurized sprayer treats 2,500 sq. ft. of pond surface area
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Pond Logic Shoreline Defense aquatic herbicide kills a variety of emergent weeds and grasses in ponds. It does not control plants that are mostly or completely below water. The active ingredient is glyphosate.

Dying plants reduce the oxygen level in water, which can endanger fish, so apply Shoreline Defense to only 1/4 of the pond at one time. Following label directions, mix the correct amount of herbicide with pond water in a pressurized sprayer, and spray the mixture directly on the targeted weeds. Avoid getting this broad spectrum herbicide on non-target plants to prevent harming or killing them.

The visual effects of the herbicide appear in 2 to 4 days on most annual weeds and in 7 or more days on most perennial brush plants. Symptoms begin with wilting and yellowing foliage, and continue with browning and deterioration. Once weeds have browned and died, use a rake to remove as much dead material as possible, to prevent accumulation of dead plant material and muck.
Note: This herbicide can be reapplied after 14 days.

Usage Instructions

Shoreline Defense should be applied to target weeds while they are active and growing. The active ingredients in Shoreline Defense will be absorbed by the plant where it travels to the roots killing the entire plant.

Application Instructions

Mix the desired amount of Shoreline Defense and pond water in accordance to label directions. Using a pressurized sprayer; spray the Shoreline Defense mixture directly onto target weeds. Use with Treatment Booster Plus for best results. Treated weeds will begin to brown and die. Once weeds are completely dead, cut and rake them away to prevent an accumulation of plant decay and pond muck.

Treatment AreaShoreline Defense
Treatment Booster Plus
2,500 Square Feet 8 Ounce 2 Gallon 4 Ounce
5,000 Square Feet 1/2 Quart (16 Ounce) 4 Gallon 8 Ounce
7,500 Square Feet 3/4 Quart (24 Ounce) 6 Gallon 12 Ounce
10,000 Square Feet 1 Quart (32 Ounce) 8 Gallon 16 Ounce
Please note: Above are recommendations. Always read the product label.
Treatment Booster Plus can be purchased here.