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Pond Shield Epoxy Liquid Pond Liner

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  • Fish and aquatic safe waterproof coating.
  • Nontoxic formula for waterproofing smooth and rough surfaces such as wood, stone, concrete, steel, and more!
  • Easy 2-part epoxy application; no primers or sealers required.
  • A great alternative to traditional pond liners requiring multiple folds during installation
  • Curing time: Minimum of 24 hours. Tack-Free: Approximately 1½ hours (70°F) .
  • Available in multiple colors!

$69.00 - $499.99
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Pond Shield Epoxy Liquid Pond Liner is a fish-safe liner alternative designed for the pond and water feature industry. It is used in building ponds and water features requiring a more formal finish, or designer inspired look or natural appearance than rubber liners. Using this 2-part epoxy means no more unsightly liner folds or creases. Available in multiple colors and made in the USA.

Pond Shield is used to waterproof structured surfaces in koi ponds, pools, fountains, aquariums, saltwater tanks, hydroponics, streams, waterfalls, reflecting pools, mini lakes, holding tanks, etc. It is easy to apply and maintain. Only a single coat of this epoxy pond liner is all that most applications need for proper coverage.
 Safe for fish and plants.

Strong yet flexible, Pond Shield has been tested from 140°F down to -78°F.

Pond Shield is formulated to bond to porous or rough surfaces including concrete, wood, stone, most metals (treated and non-treated), brick, many rigid plastics and tile. Its tensile bond strength is actually greater than the internal strength of concrete! Over time, hairline cracks can form in concrete, mortar, and grout joints. Due to its flexibility, Pond Shield resists cracking and provides the best water-tight protection possible in a coating.

Each Kit contains pre-measured amounts of Part A and Part B. The application ratio is always 2 parts of A to 1 part of B.
Rough surfaces may require 2 separate coats (see Note below).
For Best Results: The waterproof coating should be applied during the coolest time of day; early morning or very late afternoon.
Cure time is about 24 hours.  Can take up to 36 hours in colder seasons.  
If thinning of this liquid is desired then only use 90% or higher isopropyl alcohol.

Read Enclosed Instructions Before Using.

Please Note: If applying more than 1 coat of Pond Shield, only wait about 1½ hours between applications.
If more than 10 hours has elapsed since the first coat was applied then the surface will have to be sanded
with 60-grit sandpaper before the second coat is added.
Rough surfaces such as concrete are more likely to require 2 coats than smooth surfaces.

Coverage Area:

1.5 Quart Kit yields 60 sq. ft. at 10 mil thickness on a smooth surface.
1.5 Gallon Kit yields 240 sq. ft. at 10 mil thickness on a smooth surface.
3 Gallon Kit yields 480 sq. ft. at 10 mil thickness on a smooth surface.

Please note: Rough surfaces will reduce coverage area and therefore more product will be needed.