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Pond Vacuum - Muck Buster

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  • Easily removes algae, sludge, plant debris, leaves, pebbles up to 3/8" dia.
  • Convenient, time saving auto fill and drain cycle
  • Powerful 2 HP motor
  • Perfect for ponds up to 2,000 gal.
  • Additional benefit of providing monthly partial water changes

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The Pond Vac II Muck Buster Vacuum by Matala is one of the more powerful pond vacuums in the industry. The 2 HP motor can remove algae, silt, sludge, and pebbles up to 3/8" diameter.

This pond vacuum also has an on board electronic monitor switch, so that once the container is full, the vacuum automatically turns off. The container empties in 25-30 seconds and coarse debris can be collected in the sludge collection bag while the wastewater is discharged in a garden or flower bed, adding nutrients to the soil. The entire on/off cycle lasts approx. 40 seconds. After discharge is completed, the vacuum automatically turns on and continues to vacuum! Discharging some of the water has the additional benefit of providing monthly partial water changes for your pond.


Note: Pond Vac II is not designed to remove leaves, twigs or other large plant debris or operate in ponds deeper than 2.5 ft. !

2-year manufacturer warranty.



Dimensions: 13" X 14" X 19" height.

Motor: 2 HP - 5.3 gal. capacity.

Suction hose length: 16 ft. - Discharge hose length: 8 ft. - Power cord length: 16 ft.

Includes sludge collection bag.