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PondBuilder PB1199 Elite 8" Pond Skimmer with Natural Lid

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  • A professional grade skimmer designed to skim leaves and other debris off the pond surface, saving time and reducing maintenance.
  • Weir opening: 8”; skimmer dimensions: 15.25” L (front to back) x 26.25” W x 19.75” H
  • Recommended pump flow: 2,500 to 3,500 gph; maximum pump flow: 5,000 gph (Pump not included)
  • Maximum pond size: 11’ x 16’ or similar
  • Includes natural faux lid, green Matala filter mat, mesh debris net and more
  • Lifetime manufacturer's warranty


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This professional-grade PondBuilder Elite 8" Pond Skimmer with Natural Lid is designed to house one pond pump. (Pump not included). The pump draws water into the skimmer, where the included net and filter pad trap leaves and other floating debris before they can sink to the pond bottom or harm the pump.

PondBuilder part number PB1199, this skimmer has a lifetime manufacturer's warranty.

The back of this skimmer features an overflow fitting to remove excess water fill from heavy rain.

The skimmer also includes: green Matala filter mat, stainless mat frame and stainless mesh debris net frame, marine-grade self-taping screws that cannot strip out, rubber uni-seals for 2" discharge points, black silicone, screw caps, pre-plumbed autofill spinweld with 2" glue fitting to accept 2" flex PVC hose, and 2"plug. Complete instructions are included.