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Pondbuilder PB1311 Crystal Falls Skimmer w/ Natural Lid

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  • For ponds up to 11' x 16'.
  • 4200 GPH max pump flow.
  • Dimensions of pump area: 12.5" x 8.5" (top) / 12.5" x 11.5" (bottom area) x 16" max. water depth.
  • Provides two step mechanical filtration and functions as a protective housing for your pond's pump.
  • 5 year manufacturer warranty.

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The Pondbuilder PB1311 Crystal Falls Pond Skimmer is a high value surface skimmer unit & protective pump housing that is a great addition to any koi pond or water garden. When used with a properly sized pump, this skimmer creates a suction action at the surface of the pond, pulling in debris such as leaves, twigs, and mulch before it has a chance to settle at the bottom of the pond. The inside of the skimmer features a 2 stage mechanical filtration that is removable for easy maintenance. In addition to improving water conditions the filter pad and debris net both protect your pump from large debris that can clog or damage your pump. The detachable face plate allows for a secure installation into your pond liner. As an added bonus the PB1311 skimmer features a free natural faux rock cover lid, a component that normally has a $59.99 value. This highly desirable feature helps your skimmer blend in with your landscaping rock while still maintaining a low weight so the inside of the skimmer can be easily accessed.

The Pondbuilder PB1311 Crystal Falls Pond Skimmer is designed for ponds up to 11' x 16'. It can handle pump flows up to 4200 GPH and has a pump housing area that measures: 12.5" x 8.5" (top) / 12.5" x 11.5" (bottom area) x 16" max. water depth. The skimmer itself measures 22" x 14.5" x 19.5" and has a weir opening that measures 7.5" wide and 6.25" tall. Each PB1311 includes Natural Cover Lid, Skimmer Unit, Detachable Snout/Door, Natural Cover Lid, Filter Mat, Mesh Leaf Net, Stainless Screws, Screw Caps, Liner Clips, Silicone, & Installation Instructions.

The Pondbuilder PB1311 Crystal Falls Pond Skimmer is made in the USA and is backed by a 5 year manufacturer warranty.


Part Number: PB1311
Measures 22" Long x 14.5" Wide x 19.5" Tall
Max Pond Size: 11' x 16' or similar
Max Pump Flow 4200 GPH

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