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Pondmaster Waterfall Pump Replacement Impellers

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  • Genuine replacement impeller for the Pondmaster Waterfall & Skimmer Pumps
  • Low friction ceramic spindle designed for efficiency and longevity
  • Helps the pump operate more efficiently
  • Extends the life of your Pondmaster pump
  • Easy to replace, no tools required!

$45.50 - $66.59
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 Replacing a pumps impeller/rotor is very similar in concept to changing the oil in your car. It's a routine part of pump maintenance. Replacing an old or poorly working impeller will help your pump work at maximum efficiency, assisting in overall pond health.

 While the impellers are very similar in design it is very important to choose the correct model:

 # 12660 : for Pondmaster Waterfall Pump 2000 (2000 GPH)

 # 12665 : for Pondmaster Waterfall Pump 3000 (3000 GPH)


  • Rotate screen cover and remove from bottom of pump
  • Rotate impeller cover and gently lift off
  • Pull old impeller out (may need pliers with more powerful Pondmaster models)
  • Simply insert new impeller into place and reassemble

 Pro-tip: Also check the pump cover screen for debris.