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Pondmax Pressure Filter Annual Service Kit

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  • Everything you need to keep your PondMax Pressure Filter running smoothly.
  • Quick and easy to install.
  • UV bulbs should be replaced yearly to ensure maximum efficiency.
  • Compatible Models: PF750UV, PF1200UV, PF2400UV, PF3600UV PF4800UV, PF7200UV.
  • Includes: replacement UV lamp, foam pads, quartz sleeve, complete o-ring kit.
  • When replacing your transformer, make sure the UV safety switch is depressed otherwise the bulb will not engage. Do not look directly at the UV Bulb when active.

$99.98 - $334.98
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PondMax's Pressure Filter Annual Service Kit comes with everything necessary to keep your PF-series UV Pressure Filter running smoothly.  With this convenient kit, you can quickly and easily make your pressure filter as good as new. Since UV lamps require a replacement each year to maintain efficient operation, it is extremely important to keep them up to date. Don't let your filter lose efficiency, and make sure to pick up this service kit! 

Includes a replacement UV lamp, foam filter pads, quartz sleeve, and complete o-ring kit. 

Please check the manufacture date of your filter, the first four digits of the serial number printed on the sticker on the top of the transformer denote the manufacture year. Kits listed below are for models 2016 and newer. Older models have different UV wattages and require special kits which can be ordered upon request, simply call or email us if you have one of these older units.
Service KitCompatible WithUV Bulb Wattage
31PF011 PF750 9 Watt
31PF012 PF1200 13 Watt
31PF024 PF2400 18 Watt
31PF036 PF3600 24 Watt
31PF029 PF4800 36 Watt
31PF030 PF7200 55 Watt