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PondMax Pressure Filter with UV Clarifier

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  • Triple action pond pressure filter with biological and mechanical filtration and UV clarifier to kill green water algae.
  • Ideal for ponds with plants and fish.
  • Easy backwash rinsing system
  • Flow diverter valve to relieve pressure.
  • PF750 & PF1200 include foam, PF2400 and larger units include both foam and bio-balls!
  • 2-year warranty.

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The PondMax Pressure Filter with UV Clarifier is a high efficiency, triple action pond filtration system, perfect for ponds with plants, fish and other aquatic life. Besides providing biological and mechanical filtration, it has an ultraviolet clarifier that eliminates green water algae, producing crystal clear pond water.

Easy to install and low maintenance, this very effective pressurized pond filter has a modern design with user friendly operation. The innovative backwash rinsing system does not require removal of the filter lid. The pressure filter includes a flow diverter valve, cleaning indicator, UV-C indicator window, internal double action biological sponges and 16 ft. power cord. It runs on 115 volts of electricity and has a 2 year warranty.

PF750 & PF1200 include foam, PF2400 and larger units include both foam and bio-balls!

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ModelUV FilterMax Pond Size: No Fish, ShadedMax Pond Size: With Fish, Full SunMax GPH FlowInlet / OutletDimensions
PF750UV 9 watts 750 Gallons 350 Gallons 1,000 GPH 3/4", 1", 1.25" 16" D x 14" H
PF1200UV 13 watts 1200 Gallons 600 Gallons 1,200 GPH 3/4", 1", 1.25", 1.5" 16" D x 16" H
PF2400UV  18 watts 2400 Gallons 1200 Gallons 2,400 GPH 3/4", 1", 1.25", 1.5" 16" D x 20" H
PF3600UV 24 watts 3600 Gallons 1800 Gallons 3,200 GPH 3/4", 1", 1.25", 1.5" 16" D x 20" H
PF4800UV 36 watts 4800 Gallons 2400 Gallons 3,600 GPH 1.25", 1.5", 2" 20" D x 30" H
PF7200UV 55 watts 7200 Gallons 3600 Gallons 4,000 GPH 1.25", 1.5", 2" 20" D x 30" H
  • 4
    After a product hiccup we got it to work

    Posted by trona on Nov 9th 2022

    The filtration system was broke when we got it and luckily my husband went and bought clamps and got it to work. After we got it to work we have been happy with the system. The middle piece that holds the filter material is very flimsy. That needs to be addressed to get the value for the money

  • 5
    Filter and pump are well constructed and solid.

    Posted by Du Pree 55 on Jul 7th 2022

    Had no problems with assembly. Straight forward and well marked for hose attachments.

  • 5
    I would recommend this filter

    Posted by Cvtferr on May 21st 2022

    I have a 1600 gallon pond and was having problems keeping the water crystal clear. I added this filter along with some beneficial bacteria and my water went from pea soup to clear within 4 days.The filter was easy to set up and seem to be made with quality plastic.

  • 5
    Its an amazing pump

    Posted by Hunting on May 16th 2022

    Guys so far its working wonderful like the design of it lets wait and see if it wont leak after a little while

  • 5

    Posted by Cynthia P on Mar 6th 2022

    Our old filter died leaving our pond a grotesque thick algae mass. Within three days and four back washes our pond has never been clearer. The pump is plenty strong enough to push the water from one end of the pond where the lily pads are up through the hard PVC pipe back around to the pump which is then split off to two separate waterfalls. Even with the pond dye you can see how clear the water is.

  • 5
    So far, so good!

    Posted by Rich P. on Feb 20th 2022

    I replaced an Aquamax pump & filter system after 13 years of service.with the All Clear setup and so far so good. However I'm not sure how well the backflushing will work without the filter media crank system the Aquamax had.

  • 4
    Easier to clean than a submerged pond filter.

    Posted by Mark Miller on Dec 7th 2021

    Filter is easy to install and filters our fish pond well. It can take 10-20 pumps to clean filter, not the 2-3 advertised. But not a big deal though. Had to disassemble because it got too dirty after 2 weeks. Not hard to do but it takes a lot of time to clean. Hopefully we do not have to perform too often now that the pond in much clearer.

  • 5
    Great filter for turtles!

    Posted by Anonymous Customer on Oct 27th 2021

    This filter has been amazing for my 120 gallon turtle pond. The backwash feature is great and my water is finally clear. You might think this is overkill for a small turtle pond, but only if you've never seen the amount of poop a turtle can produce. Phoenix sun and heat have always made my pond green in the summer, but this filter has kept the water clear. I highly recommend if you have turtles!

  • 5

    Posted by Stump jumper on Aug 28th 2021

    You get what you pay for kids. Dont be ascared.

  • 5
    It works!

    Posted by Recia plummer on Jul 28th 2021

    Love this product and would recommend it. It does a beautiful job in keeping my pond clean and clear. My koi love it too. Thank you.

  • 5

    Posted by Rod Tidd on Jul 20th 2021

    help clean up our pond just great

  • 5
    Worth every penny!

    Posted by Nicole on Jun 17th 2021

    Our pond went from lime green, couldnt see the fish, 70% water changes every week to try and clear it for 3 days, to CLEAR. We can see our fish, they are happy, heathy, and instead of massive water changes and tons spent in chemicals, we backwash this baby every few days and add a little new water. We have an 800 gallon pond with about 50 goldfish and koi of varying sizes.