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Pondmaster 1.5" Adjustable Diverter Valve 02097

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  • Includes 3 1½" male threaded connecters.
  • 1½" MPT x 1½" MPT x 1½" MPT
  • Adjustable flow control valve allows fine tuned control of your pump and the features connected to it.
  • Durable ABS plastic construction.
  • Highly versatile, this diverter will work with most pumps available on the market, not just Pondmaster!

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This Pondmaster 1½" adjustable diverter is a 3-way valve can be used with most popular pond pumps. Use it to control the flow of water from your pump to waterfalls, streams, fountains, and other features. It can be used to regulate flow through a UV clarifier, pressure filter, etc. The simple control allows you to close all outlets, open only one, open both, as well as proivides adjustable flow to each individual outlet. Made from durable ABS plastic, it will provide season after season of dependable use.

Usage instructions

  • Thread directly into your pump's outlet, if you pump has a male outlet, use a 1½" female to female coupler to join them.
  • Attach hose or other items via the 1½" male threaded outlets. If connecting a fountain nozzle directly to the diverter, ensure you use the two connecters that are opposite each other to join pump and nozzle.
  • Use the flow control dial to adjust the flow to fit your custom needs!

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