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Savio F200 Livingponds Versatile Filter - 2" Discharge

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  • This versatile pond filter can be placed up to 10 feet away from your pond, allowing it to be easily hidden.
  • Filters up to 5,000 gallons under average fish load, 2,000 gallons under heavy fish load.
  • Recommended pump flow of 500-3,000 gph.
  • 1.5-inch FPT Inlet, 2-inch FPT Outlet.
  • Dimensions: 23.4" L x 22" W x 30.5" H.
  • 5 year warranty.

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Savio's F200 Livingponds Versatile pond filter is perfect for medium sized ponds up to 5,000 gallons. This specialized filter can be placed up to 10 feet away from your pond, allowing it to be easily hidden from view. Easily make this filter inconspicuous by placing it behind a fence or shrubs. Able to filter up to 5,000 gallons under a standard fish load, or 2,000 gallons under a heavy fish load, at a recommended pump flow of 500-3,000 gph. 

With its unique round design, this filter is up to 60% more effective than similar square box filters, due to the lack of unused corner space. While other filters quickly begin to clog and lose efficiency, the F200 Livingponds Versatile Filter remains at 85-90% efficiency after 8-10 weeks.

Lacking a spillway, instead this filter is designed for use with a 2" hose (not included) to drain into a stream or directly back into the pond.

1.5-inch FPT Inlet and 2-inch Outlet FPT. 5 year warranty.

ModelRecommended Pond SizeRecommended Pump FlowDimensions (LxWxH)InletOutletWarranty
F200 2,000 - 5,000 Gallons 500 - 3,000 gph 23.4" x 22" x 30.5" 1.5" FPT 2" FPT 5 year