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Green Fogger/Mister with St. Patrick's Stone and Cauldron - Holiday Seasonal Decor

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  • An ultrasonic fogger and cauldron bundle, creates a mist effect without the hassle of dry ice.
  • The green fog creates a wonderful atmospheric effect.
  • A great way to spice up your St. Patrick's Day decorations.
  • Looks gorgeous placed on a table, shelf, or just about anywhere else!
  • Includes: 9" Diameter Cauldron, Green Fogger, "St. Patrick's Stone" Quartz Splash-Guard, and a Transformer with a power switch.


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It's that time of year again, so celebrate St. Patrick's Day right with this stunning Green Fogger Kit. It comes with a fogger, a "St. Patrick's Stone" quartz splash-guard, and a 9" diameter cauldron. Whether placed on a table, shelf, or out in the open, this fogger kit is sure to impress! 

Simply fill the cauldron up to the fogger's sensor, place the fogger and splash-guard in the cauldron, and watch as the fog emanates from the water, creating a seasonal green mist. And not just a stunning piece of decor, this fogger can also work as a humidifier, adding moisture to the air.  If you place a few drops of aromatic oil in the water, it can even create a pleasant smell to really enhance the mood!

The included fogger works with ultrasonic technology, adding moisture to the air and creating a mist effect without the trouble or mess of dry ice. Features a 16 mm ceramic disc size, a 6' long power cord, as well as a transformer with a power switch. 

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