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Springflo - pond filter media/bio-ribbon

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  • Light-weight ribbon filter media for biofilters. Can last for years!
  • Promotes quick beneficial bacteria growth which helps to achieve clear, healthy water.
  • One box contains 3 cu. ft. of filter volume.
  • Use the amount needed and store the rest; has a long shelf life.
  • Great alternative to bioballs or lava rock.

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Springflo is a biofilter media that provides great surface area for bacterial colonization when used in biological filters. Each box contains 190 sq. ft. of surface area yet weighs a mere 3 lbs. 2 oz.

Springflo is made from a composite of calcium carbonate and polypropylene which enables beneficial bacteria to grow on the media quickly thereby eventually controlling algae in the pond. A great choice for ponds with heavy fish loads. One box fills up to 3 cubic feet of filter volume. 

If you do not need to use the entire spool of Springflo for your filter, simply cut off the amount desired and store the remaining spool in a dry, protected location such as your garage.  Has a long shelf life!

Note: This product is great for people with bad backs that must clean their pond filter media because it is much lighter in weight than lava rock (which is commonly used in biofilters).

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