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Summit Mosquito Dunks

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  • Safe and effective biological mosquito control.
  • Use in fish habitats, fountains, bird baths, or wherever there is standing water.
  • 1 dunk treats up to 100 sq. ft. regardless of depth and lasts for 30 days.
  • Kills the mosquito larvae before they are old enough to bite.
  • Mosquito dunks can be easily broken to treat smaller water features.


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Easy to apply and completely non toxic to wildlife, pets, fish and humans. Summit Mosquito Dunks are America's best selling home owner mosquito control product. Mosquito dunks are made with a bacteria called BTI that is only toxic to mosquito larvae, killing them before they can even bite.

Each dunk treats 100 sq. ft. of surface water and lasts for 30 days. Mosquito Dunks can be used in fountains, ponds, bird baths, and any other body of standing water. It is also labeled for organic gardening by the U.S. EPA.

Please note: dunks are not intended for drinking water receptacles.