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Synchronized 144 Color LED Pond/Landscape Light

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  • Brilliant red, green and blue lights created from 144 mini bulbs
  • Can rotate same colors at same time among multiple lights when using this model with other lights of the same model
  • Creates awesome effect! Most color changing lights cannot synchronize this!
  • Great for large fountains or can use in the landscape; includes 12v transformer

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Energy saving, works in or out of water; great for using in a waterfall, pond or even in a garden!

Synchronized color changing 144 LED light casts brilliant red, green and blue lights. It has the same look as our regular 144 LED light, but has two major differences:

  • 1. This light is different from the regular 144 LED light because it has no controller in the cord - instead it is controlled by the power on/off signal. Turning the power off and on within one second will send a signal to the light to have it switch to the next mode. With each rapid on/off, you will see the light change. With this new function, you can install as many lights as you want to a single power supply, and by turning the power switch on/off you will have control of all of the lights at the same time.
  • 2. With this feature, you can have two or more of our Synchronized Color Changing Lights changing to the same color mode with the same duration - perfect for customizing your garden's lighting design to cast the same glow on several features at once with the same effect!

The synchronized LED light comes with its own outdoor UL transformer, installing bracket and ABS plastic black stands.


Optional lighting idea (if using more than one of these lights): You may install your lights one by one with their own transformer as shown in the first image or you may use a 5-way splitter to use one big transformer to power up all of the lights.


Please note: This listing is for one of the light fixtures. The picture is used to show that multiples can be hooked up together and that they can be synchronized.



Item #WattageBulb TypeFixture DimensionsTransformerCord Length
QL144TC 6 Watts LED 6" Diameter x 8.5" Height 12v Outdoor Transformer 33 ft.