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Tetra Pond Block Slow Release

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  • Slow Release tablets to target and control algae growth.
  • For use in small ornamental fish ponds.
  • Safe for fish when used as directed.
  • Easy to handle and pre-measured.
  • Not for use in ponds with plants.

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Tetra item #16735 - Tetra Pond's Pond Blocks keep your pond clean and clear by removing algae. Intended for use in containerized ponds and fountains only. 


This product is fish safe in ornamental ponds when used according to manufacturer directions. However, like ALL copper-based algaecides, this product can be harmful to fish when overdosed. This product should also not be used with fish intended for consumption or in ponds with plants

Available in Sizes

  • Single Pack - treats 100-250 gallons.
  • 4 Pack - treats 400-1,000 gallons.

Usage Instructions:

  • Apply one block for every 100-250 gallons of water
  • Replace block(s) when fully dissolved for long term algae control.

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