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Tsurumi Submersible Water Pumps

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  • A Quality, heavy-duty direct drive pond pump.
  • Designed for years of continuous use in ponds, waterfalls, and fountains.
  • Constructed from high quality materials, 304 Stainless Steel housing, fiberglass reinforced plastic impeller, & durable resin seals.
  • Corrosion resistant & oil free design.
  • Capable of passing solids up to 1.38" in diameter depending on model selected.
  • 230V models available upon request.
  • 6 Models available.

$365.00 - $862.00

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Tsurumi Water Feature Pumps are a heavy duty direct drive pump featuring solid design and high quality components. Each pump features a 304 Stainless Steel Housing that is not only durable but also corrosion resistant. The fiberglass reinforced plastic impeller features a hyper efficient semi vortex design that is also highly practical. The Tsurumi Water Feature Pump can pass solids from 0.4" to 1.4" (depending on model) with no issues, perfect for use in ponds, water gardens, and fountains where filamentous algae and other organic solids may be present. All our Tsurumi Pumps feature a 20 ft. Power Cord.

Though it is a direct drive pump, the Tsurumi Water Feature Pump has an oil-free design making it safe to use in waters that contain fish, plants and other aquatic life. Each pump has a double inside mechanical seal and is resin molded to provide the longest operational life possible. The patented oil lifter provides lubrication to all seal faces preventing overheating and keeping the pump safe from thermal overload.

Warranty: 2 Years.


ModelMFG Part #Max Flow RateHorsepowerMax Head HeightVoltage/AmpsOutletDimensions (LxWxH)Max Solid Passing Diameter
20M 20M 2,600 gph 1/5 HP 28' 115V / 3.2A 1.5" 8" x 6" x 12" .394"
2PU 50PU2.15S 3,000 gph 1/5 HP 20' 120V / 3.1A 2" 9" x 6" x 15" 1.38"
3PN 50PN2.25S 3,500 gph 1/3 HP 30' 115V / 4.6A 2" 9" x 6" x 14" 1.38"
4PN 50PN2.4S 4,700 gph 1/2 HP 44' 115V / 5.8A 2" 9" x 6" x 14" 1.38"
8PN 50PN2.75S 5,500 gph 1 HP 51' 115V / 8.7A 3" 9" x 6" x 15" 1.38"
12PN 12PN 11,500 gph 1 HP 23' 110V / 9.9A 4" 12" x 8" x 17" .315"

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