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UltraClear Sludge Digester

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  • Safely eliminates pond muck, sludge, and breaks down other organic waste such as fish feces, grass clippings, fallen leaves, and decaying algae.
  • Prevents oxygen depletion from excessive sludge build-up, decreasing the potential for fish disease!
  • Contains beneficial bacteria that naturally speeds up sludge digestion.
  • Ideal for deep ponds or ponds lined with pebbles that make manually removing the sludge impractical.
  • Eliminates noxious pond odors.


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Pond muck buildup is a common problem in water gardens and koi ponds. Due to its slow nature and tendency to match a rubber pond liner in color, most cases aren't identified until additional assistance is needed to help clean up the pond bottom. Luckily UltraClear Digester is fast acting and targets the organic buildup specifically.

While most sludge eating products offer pond clarity as well as breakdown of organic buildup, UltraClear Digester focuses specifically on the problem at hand. Being super enriched in natural bacteria that focuses on the building blocks of organic sludge, it swiftly sorts out the muck accumulation.

UltraClear Digester is also 100% safe for aquatic life as well as any livestock or pets that may come into contact with the treated water.

Available in Size:

  • 1 gal. - treats ponds up to 32,000 gal.
  • Approximations assume moderate muck buildup and are based on 4 treatments. Results may vary.


  • Apply 1 oz. per 1,000 gal.
  • Treat 1-2 times per week and continue treatment until desired results are achieved.
  • Maintenance doses can be applied weekly - biweekly to control sludge.
  • This is best when done proceeding an initial clean up in the spring.
  • If sludge is excessive, increasing the number of doses per week is more effective than using larger doses.

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