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UV LIGHTS-by Brand or Type


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UV Light Sterilizers

UV lights are also referred to as UV sterilizers or  UV clarifiers, and UV is an abbreviation for ultraviolet. Ultraviolet lights can do a quick and superb job at controlling green water (single-celled algae) in a pond if the lamp is sized properly for the pond and the pump.

UV lights or UV lamps, are usually installed between the pump and main pond filtration system. Although most UV lights are non-submersible, Pondmaster offers submersible units if you prefer to install the light beneath the water.

A UV light can also control certain fish parasites at higher wattages and that is why the term UV sterilizer is sometimes used.

UV lights utilize ultra violet bulbs which have an average life expectancy of 9-12 months of continuous usage. We stock many models of UV lights and their required UV replacement bulbs as well.