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PondBuilder PB1090 Elite 30" Large Waterfall Box w/ 2 Inlets, 2 Filter Mats

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  • Has a 30" wide waterfall spillway.
  • Filter tank is 34% thicker than competition.
  • Waterfall box dimensions: 31.75” (front to back) x 40.5" W x 25.75” H
  • For large ponds up to 6,000 gallons.
  • Can handle up to a 10,000 gph pump flow.
  • Includes two 3” spinweld inlets and 2 Matala filter mats.
  • Lifetime manufacturer's warranty!
  • Due to it's size this filter does NOT ship free! Please CONTACT US to quote additional freight charges!

$ 659.99 (FREIGHT ADDITIONAL- Contact us for a quote!)

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The PondBuilder Elite 30" Waterfall Box features 2 bulkhead openings, allowing pipes to be installed from either side. Can use the second opening as a back flush for water changes or to connect multiple pumps or hoses. This waterfall box is PondBuilder part number PB1090. It has a lifetime manufacturer's warranty.
Dimensions: 31.75" x 40.5" x 25.75" with a wide 30" Spillway.  This filter box will easily accommodate high water flows up to 10,000 gph for an awesome waterfall effect. 
The two included Matala filter mats provide twice as much surface for beneficial bacteria to colonize. These sturdy mats last up to four times longer than traditional mats.
This waterfall box's snout (for liner attachment) is reversible. Place the snout the usual way for basic installation, or reverse it for a more advanced waterfall appearance. 
The included self-tapping stainless steel screws are corrosion resistant and make installation easy. This waterfall box also includes silicone, liner clips, screw caps, plumbing, Teflon tape and instructions.
Note: One of the most effective ways to achieve beautiful, clear water is to incorporate a large bio-filter into the pond's ecosystem.

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