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PondBuilder PB1359 Mini 10" DIY Waterfall Cascade Box

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  • Perfect for creating a small pondless waterfall
  • Includes attached landscape lid for easy camouflaging
  • Waterfall box dimensions: 8.5" L (front to back) x 10" W x 8" H
  • 10" W spillway/weir
  • Handles an 1,800 gph maximum pump flow (Pump not included)


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This PondBuilder Mini 10 Inch DIY Waterfall Cascade Box creates a waterfall that provides beauty and the serene sound of moving water. Made in the USA, the waterfall box is PondBuilder part number PB1359.

The attached landscape lid makes hiding the box easier with plants, mulch, or landscape stone, allowing only the waterfall to be visible. 

The waterfall box has 2 spinweld inlets (1" fpt ). The Cascade Box includes fittings to accept all 1" I.D. hose and includes a 1" plug.


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