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Savio F050 16" FilterWeir Spillway

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  • Provides 16 inch wide waterfall curtain.
  • Recommended for flow rates 900 - 3000 GPH.
  • 2" Slip Inlet (2" PVC glues into rear of tank).
  • Bio Mechanical filtration media supports the growth of beneficial bacteria.
  • No-glue liner connection. All compression seal.


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The Savio 16" FilterWeir Spillway creates a breathtaking 16" curtain of falling water, while offering supplemental bio-mechanical filtration that supports the growth of beneficial bacteria. After passing through the filter, the water flows as a beautiful waterfall. Use two 16" units side-by-side for larger waterfalls, or create a waterfall cascade by installing two or more weirs in a stair-step pattern.

Manufactured with a durable injection molded housing unit, this exceptional waterfall weir creates a professional waterfall effortlessly, and is easy to retrofit to existing ponds. Inlet connects to 2" I.D. PVC fitting. The 16" FilterWeir is rated for pump flows from 900-3000 gph.


ModelRecommended FlowWatterfall Spillway WidthDimensions (WxDxH)Inlets
F050 900 - 3,000 gph 16" 17-5/8" x 10" x 10" (1) 2" Slip

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