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PondBuilder Complete Cascade Pondless Waterfall Kit

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  • All-in-one pondless waterfall kit.
  • Includes instructions for easy installation.
  • Top quality PondBuilder products backed by manufacturer warranties.
  • Pondless water features are a low maintenance alternative to a full fledged pond.
  • Great for small spaces!

$649.99 - $1,799.99

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Pondbuilder Cascade Pondless Waterfall Kits make for an excellent accent for your backyard. Perfect for a first time water feature installation or an addition to an already thriving backyard water garden. Pondless water features are a great alternative to full fledged ponds, as they have constant moving water and minimal pooling that could harbor algae.

Each waterfall kit has top quality Pondbuilder components backed by manufacturer warranties on their performance.

Mini Kit 10" Weir (PB1373) 6'x 10' EPDM Liner and protective underlayment Mag-Drive 1495 1 Small Basin Matrix 7' PVC Flex Pipe 1" I.D.
Small Kit 20" Weir (PB1854) 8'x 15' EPDM Liner and protective underlayment Mag-Drive 1980 GPH Pump 1 Small Basin Matrix 10' PVC Flex Pipe 1.5" I.D.
Medium kit 22" Weir (PB1236) 10' x 10' & 10' x 20' Liner and protective underlayment Clear Water 4200gph Pump Basin Matrix - 3 Large 25' PVC Flex Pipe 2" I.D.

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