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Custom Pro Pond Air Series Aerators | Summer Aeration Kit & Winter Deicer

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  • Provides superior summer aeration and double as a deicer during winter in cold climates.
  • Includes Stainless Steel 3/16" Manifold with individual flow valves!
  • Includes six/ten 2" diameter round Air Stones, plus two BONUS air stones for 8/12 total.
  • Includes 30 ft. Black Airline hose sections for each air stone.
  • Perfect for use in ponds from 500-3,000 gallons, aquariums, as well as any other water feature needing aeration.
  • Available Models: Pond Air 6; Pond Air 10.

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Provides Excellent Summer Aeration

The Custom Pro Pond Air series is perfect for aerating outdoor ponds or multiple large aquariums. These professional grade kits include six/ten 2" round ceramic air stone diffusers - as well as an additional 2 FREE bonus replacement 2" Air Stones! In addition, the kits feature a stainless steel manifold with flow valves that allows you to customize the air flow to all of the air stones, and 30 feet of black airline tubing (per air stone) that allows great flexibility in placement of the diffusers.

Aeration is absolutely essential to keep your pond healthy during Spring, Summer and Fall. The increase in oxygen helps to improve the water quality and clarity, as well as providing the optimal conditions for fish, aquatic plants, beneficial bacteria and other pond life to thrive!

Doubles as a Winter Deicer

In winter, the Pond Air series can be used as an effective de-icer in most climates. Simply group the air stones in bundles of 2 or 3  (at a 12-18" depth below the surface) to provide effective pond deicing and critical ventilation without disturbing the warmer water in the bottom of the pond where your fish will spend most of the cold winter months.

Maintenance and Care

The Pond Air series of air compressors are outdoor weather rated and require no special protection, although a cover from direct sun and rain may be more aesthetically pleasing and prolong the life of your aeration system. The air stones are clog-resistant but will benefit from an annual soaking in warm vinegar especially if you have a hard water source. Additional air stones (besides your two freebies!) and replacement diaphragms for the Hailea Air Pump are readily available if needed, insuring many years of reliable service!

Custom Pro Pond Air 6 Components:

Hailea SSH30 30 LPH Air Pump (2 year warranty!)

6/ea-  2" Diameter Blue Ceramic Diffuser Air Stones

2/ea-  (BONUS!) 2" Blue Ceramic Diffuser Air Stones

1/ea-  6-way Stainless Steel manifold with flow controls

6/ea-  30 ft of 3/16" Black Airline tubing (black color resist clogging with algae!)


Custom Pro Pond Air 10 Components:

Hailea SSH60 60 LPH Air Pump (2 year warranty!)

10/ea-  2" Diameter Blue Ceramic Diffuser Air Stones

2/ea-  (BONUS!) 2" Blue Ceramic Diffuser Air Stones

1/ea-  12-way Stainless Steel manifold with flow controls

10/ea-  30 ft of 3/16" Black Airline tubing (black color resist clogging with algae!)

ModelMaximum Flow (LPM)Maximum Flow (CFM)Connector SizeWattage / VoltageDimenisons (LxWxH)
Pond Air 6 30 LPM 1.06 CFM / 30 LPM 0.51" 25 watts / 110-120V 9.25" x 7.36" x 7.64"
Pond Air 10 60 LPM 2.15 CFM / 60 LPM 0.71" 35 watts / 110-120V 11.1" x 8.4' x 10.3"

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