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Pond & Water Garden Kits

Install your own backyard Koi pond or water garden!

Our selection of pond kits all contain the best components assembled from various manufacturers. From our years of experience in the Pond Industry, we have carefully chosen our pond kits based upon their components to allow you to create a beautiful and successful pond or water garden. We have listened to our installation team over the years and have combined their hands-on experience with our retail experience, to bring you the best kits possible. From economy minded ponds, to water features and disappearing waterfalls, and even large contractor grade projects!

Most of our pond kits include: fish-safe, 45 mil EPDM pond liner, underlayment, an energy efficient submersible pump, biofilter, skimmer, pump fittings and plumbing, pipe (black hosing), and silicone sealant.

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