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Pond Liner & Underlayment

Liners & Underlayments
Line your pond with the finest high quality pond liner by choosing from our wide selection!

We offer several choices in pond liner including CPA Fish Safe Liner, Firestone 45 & 60 mil EPDM liner -all of which are guaranteed fish safe. These pond liner materials have a 20 year warranty from the manufacturer.

We also offer liquid pond liner for projects that require no rubber folds as in formal pond applications. This product is called Aquata-Poxy or Aquatic-poxy. and It is sold in parts A and B which are mixed immediately prior to applying.

Aqua-Liner is also available for large applications (ideal for ponds 50 ft. and wider).  It is light-weight and very puncture resistant.

Enter the largest measurement for each dimension. If you're digging your pond to be 10 feet wide on average, but there is one section that measures 12 feet wide, please use 12 feet as the width.
Liner is manufactured in widths divisible by 5. Therefore, our liner calculator always rounds up the width to the nearest multiple of five.

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