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Matala Filter Media

Matala flexible biological pond filter media- available in four densities to create ideal aerobic conditions for nitrifying bacteria!

Matala filter mats were originally developed for koi ponds but they also work great for goldfish ponds of any size. This filter media has many desirable characteristics for a pond ecosystem. Matala can handle high solid waste levels from koi and goldfish. It is very easy to clean and provides a substrate for biological filtering. Also, it provides a high surface area per cubic foot.

Another advantage of this filter media is that it does not plug up too quickly; a clogged filter becomes anaerobic for good bacteria leading to declining levels of important bacteria. Matala provides good movement of highly oxygenated water throughout the entire filter and it contains interstitial spaces. Beneficial bacteria love interstitial spaces. This allows for dirt to be removed during cleaning but retention of the good bacteria. Finally, Matala is rigid so it stays in place and is self-supporting.

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